Have you looked at all the healthy toothpaste in the health food store and thought, I am doing so good to be using this healthy stuff? Most of the options are fluoride free and cost about 2 times as much as toothpaste that you would get at Walmart that is colored and majorly foaming but  gives you fresh feeling breath!! But then you find out that all the coloring and the ingredients that you can not read or understand are very harmful not only for your teeth but also for your health. Then you find out that fluoride is a major type of poison and is also one of the ingredients in rat poisoning!! All this info sends you running to the health food store in search of a replacment for the toothpaste you earlier threw in the trash. When you get home and try it, there is not as much foam, no bright colors, it works pretty well, and the taste is bearable. Although it doesn’t really leave the tingle sensation, it is healthy. Right? For a very long time I took there word for what they said on the tube “Natural, Fluoride Free No artifical  colors” I never took the time to read  because hey, it was at the health food store. When our children where old enough to start brushing their teeth we went and bought the kid’s flavor “Silly Strawberry”  and they LOVED it and in fact wanted to eat it!! We where thinking we are such good parents making sure our kids used “healthy” tooth paste. Then one day I actually read the lables , Yikes a Rumba I couldn’t beleive what they where putting in this stuff and daring to put “Natural” on it.



The ingredient that made me almost fall off my chair were, Sodium Lauryl Sulfite=((( Yikes that stuff is bad news even in shampoo let alone in toothpaste that we have in our mouths twice a day and our children swallow. It has been linked to cancer and many many other bad things as well as being refered to as a poison. You can google it and the things you will find our horrendous.





Most all of the rest of ingredients in the toothpaste where GMO additives and glycerine which is proven to be harmful for teeth as it coats the teeth with a sugar substance. And who knows what natural flavors mean!

So I decided right there that the ” Natural” stuff was going in the trash and with much more of a bang!!

We started using a homemade toothpaste with bentanite clay which is a great toxin remover.


This is the recipe that we are using but there is a ton out there that are great! WARNING there is no foam with this toothpaste and it looks like you are brushing your teeth with mud!! The flavor is not minty in fact it is not pleasent at first but once we got used to it the taste was not bad at all!! Our 4 year old was very upset that silly strawberry was going in the trash and “mud” was the only option!! Our 2 year old loves it and is always asking for more!! Bentonite clay is wonderful to take internally for toxins. So if you swallow, no big deal. Think of it as a boost to your health!!

Lesson learned (ALWAYS read lables no matter what it says on the front!) Live and Learn!!


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