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Counting your blessings is definitely something we should do every day; but around Thanksgiving it seems more meaningful. To inspire my children on this holiday, we make a Thanksgiving Tree. Their minds go wild trying to think of aaaallllll the things they can. I also draw swinging monkeys and let the kids color and cut them out. They love hanging them from the tree branches.



green and orange or brown construction paper

double sided sticky tape

clear packaging tape


black Sharpie

First, affix the cardboard to a wall or mirror using packaging tape. Cut it to look like a tree trunk. Cut strips and tape branches. Draw lines in the cardboard to look like a tree trunk. 

Next, cut out leaves and leaves and leaves. I cut the construction paper into strips first. This helped me be more thrifty with the paper. 

 While you cut out the leaves; have your children color and cut out their monkeys.


If your children are old enough, they can write their own blessings. Be sure that you write some too. Parent participation is important.


Tape the leaves to the tree. Enjoy! Add more as you think of them.


By Kasey

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