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Savagely Unique! We had so much fun with this baby shower. The ideas that flow in are endless. 

It is very helpful to know someone who likes to show off their antiques. 

The more antiques the better. Bring on the tomahawks, hides and feathers!!!

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This was our food display. We used old wooden crates and slices of logs to create height  and depth. Baskets, cast iron pots, and crockery bowls held the food. A wooden sign was hand made to double as a gift and decoration with the baby’s name on it. We found camouflage paper products. Yeh!



We dressed the gift table up with a tomahawk dashed into a slab of log. A rustic picture frame sports an old TV ad from the original movie of Davy Crockett.  Topped it off with a hand crocheted table cloth. 



This was a gem. A real pistol! Turkey feather display and little leather moccasins fit the theme perfectly.  





Another gem! A real live powder horn. The hide under the table was a genuine beaver pelt. 





We like to make a focal point for the guest to open presents at. This antique rocker and quilt over the elk hide gave the perfect touch. Once again just a few antiques help the decor along. You must have at least one coon skin cap! 



We just fell in love with the old, old crib. Had to use that somewhere. 



This ended up being the cutest addition to the party. We gathered stuffed animals and staged a frontier hunt. Might be a little too wild west for some of you. That’s okay. 





We had lots of fun with this. Homemade cupcakes, with different homemade sauces in canning jars. The jars had chalk board stickers on them. We used chalk to write the different kinds of sauces. Baskets were naturally filled with berries of all sorts. It was dangerously good. 





Games and Entertainment



If you have ever watched the 1955 Davy Crockett (King of the Wild Frontier) staring Fess Elisha Parker Jr. , you will have noticed the catchy tune that is sung at the beginning. Here is a link to listen to if you do not remember. Ballad of Davy Crockett

I took the tune to this song and personalized it to fit the baby at our shower. I play the guitar so I was able to sing and play this. It turned out to be the hit of the party as well as a special keep sake for the mother. 


We decided to steer away from games for this party and do something unique. We embarked on a skit. It was unbelievably hilarious. We just had a lady play the dad part. This skit worked well for our baby shower because this was the mother’s first baby. It was super easy. Hardly any props. 

The skit only cost $5. If you are interested in doing one of these then here is a link. First Baby Skit 






Here is a new twist on an old game. Easy to prepare and tons of fun. 

1. First fill goodie bags: each with toilet paper, ribbons, buttons, lace, sequins, tape, etc. To spark that inner designer. 


2. Next, separate your guests into two or three groups. Depending on how many guests you have. Explain that the goal is to design the best lingerie. Something that you could imagine the bride wearing on her wedding night. Have each group choose a model. 

3. Time this event and let the fun begin. Then they must strut their stuff and you judge which design is the best. 

Endless fun!! Warning: This definitely would not be G rated. 

Sleeping Beauty * Snow White * The Princess and the Pea * Cinderella * Beauty and the Beast * The Princess and the Frog

What others can you think of???


This idea works well because of the availability for decor.

We made our own tutu skirt for the table. 

Put candied peas on the cupcakes for The Princess and the Pea effect. 

I hot glued a candied pea to a little doll house table. 

Stylish heel for a glass slipper. Spray paint a pumpkin with glitter paint. 

Freeze rose buds in little paper cups. Then peel off the cups. 

Print pictures from vintage style story book. Use foam pumpkins and spell the baby’s name. 

Just cut outs from poster board. Simple is best. 

Fun food idea. Mini Chocolate chips, nuts, coconut, and different caramel dips. 

Not for eating. 🙂 Gothic style goblets give the feeling of poison. 

We could not find an ornamental prince frog. But if you could find one…cut off the stem of a pumpkin and place the little guy on top. It is really cute!

Fun, fun, fun!!!

If you need some more inspiration, here is a link to a sweet poem/song that I wrote for mothers. I love it and I hope you will too. 

Mother’s Day Song 


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