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Here we go! This is the start of our Date a Month Challenge.

Every Thursday  our FB page will be directing you here to our Date Night Inspirations. We will number them in the order that they were created. 

Week 1 January:  Sledding in the Boondocks 

       If this were my situation, I could imagine my burly husband taking over an hour to get ready. He would gather chains for the truck, tools to fix broken chains along the way, chainsaw, three spare tires, and dogs of all sorts. You may ask, “Where oh where does he plan on going?” Somewhere in the boondocks, I guess.

       So you might not be surprised when I pack food, water, fire building materials, head lamp, extra batteries for the head lamp, enough snow clothes to cloth a nation, and my spirit of adventure. I don’t know what may lie ahead because my husband sure likes to trek off the beaten path, or rather places only Native Americans have ever seen. I better pack some more food…….oh and the sled too. And no, this would not be the truck he would drive. Something big, full of diesel, and pre-crashed is more like it. Hmmmm……better grab some sleeping bags. You never know. 



Week 2 January:    Cribbage Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

       In my younger days, I used to go help my aunt and uncle put up hay or help during calving season on their ranch in northern Colorado. They had a special bond. I could tell. My aunt was always upbeat even though she was forced to a wheel chair because of her MS. I was amazed by her positive attitude. My uncle who is over 80 years old now is still managing the ranch by himself.

       Every morning after breakfast, these two would play a couple rounds of cribbage. I could tell even at my age that this was a special time for them to just do something together, just enjoying each other. Pinned on their wall right above the dining table was a wrinkled up piece of paper marked up by the winnings of past days. They kept close track of who won and even bet a few dollars occasionally. They had played this game for so many years that their fingers moved like lightning. They could go through a round in minutes.

                              This small amount of time spent each morning was what glued them together, what still holds them together.



Week 3 January: Dimmer Switch Date

      This is a “For Him” date. He might have to do a little work for it though. Maybe you already have a dimmer switch installed for the lights in your bedroom. But if you do not,  this is a fun date night idea.

      A dimmer switch can be purchased at any local hardware store, Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc.

      Lighting is very important for a romantic bedroom feel and this is an easy way to do it. Candles are great, but I have heard stories of ladies catching their hair and other things on fire.

      It could be fun to give this idea to him gift wrapped in a box or bag. You could have the dimmer switch wrapped in a sexy lingerie piece. Tell him he has to install the switch before any action arrives.

      I understand that some women find it difficult to make love with the lights on. This would be a good step towards having the lights on. You can make it as dim as you like and work your way up to brighter times in the future.



     Hey guys, want to put a smile on your girls’ face? This is a “for her” date! Most women love to shop, weather they admit it or not. Honestly I am not a die-hard shopper. But when it comes to getting the chance to shop without the kiddos I definitely perk up. Add the undivided attention of a husband in there and it will put a smile on my face. There are always “things” that a girl needs. And a mother will put these needs off just because of the inconvenience of dragging all the children around to find it. If she doesn’t absolutely have to have it, she will go on and on without it.

   Here are a few things that you guys will need to know before you drop this date idea on your lovely.

 1.) Some families are on a pretty tight budget. If you’re a husband, your wife might “hold the purse strings”. It can be pretty tough to convince any such lady that she might have a good time shopping. You may have to set aside some of your spending money or do some fast cash jobs before hinting to any shopping date.

2.) Pick a time when you know your lovely is not on her cycle. (Very important!) Also, choose a fair weather day to go. Some women don’t like to go shopping when the roads are bad to get there, or if it’s pouring down rain.

3.) Arrange for a babysitter. Choose someone that your wife prefers. She will be more relaxed for shopping and keeping her mind on the fun ahead.

4.) Prepare yourself. No I’m not kidding. You need to be prepared to be at this most, if not all of the day. Take a little extra cash for lunch or dinner.  You will need lots of coffee. (Very bad to fall asleep) a thousand times, “No!” Prepare yourself for visiting intimate wear shops. Ladies like your opinion on those much needed bras and panties. Have an opinion. Even if you are not sure, just pick something. Practice, “I love that one.” But don’t say that for every piece. You need an opinion here. Don’t be offended if she picks something else entirely. Just smile and say you like it.

5.)  Patience, you will need lots of this. Take a good book or magazine, just don’t get too engrossed in it. Piece of advise, do not answer or be on your phone unless it is absolutely necessary. You can ruin the entire date if you are on your phone! If you run your business from your phone, leave the phone at home.

6.) Be encouraging. You might hear phrases like, “I am so fat!” “I hate myself.” “I’ll never find what I want, let’s just go home!” “Why did you suggest such an expensive date, we could have used this money to pay off debt.” Try not to take offence. Say things like, “Well, you could go naked. That’s fine with me.” “You deserve this time to look for things you need. Let’s make the best of it.” “I love you just the way you are.” “Come here, (hug) everything will be okay.”  “Don’t worry if you can’t find a thing on this shopping trip, it’s just fine. I’m just having the time of my life spending time with you.”

7.) Pay attention to what she says she likes. You will get to know her better and have an easier time when it comes to getting her a present in the future.

   I hope that this is a help to some of you guys. 


WEEK 5 JANUARY:  Animation Date

This is a fun date for parents and their children. It might be a bit unusual, so break out that creative side!

While the kids are asleep you two can make something magical and spend some fun time together doing it.

The idea is to pick out some action figures, stuffed animals, or toys from your child’s room. Figure out what your toys will be doing? Will they be reading, cooking, taking a bath, etc.? What kind of messes will they be making? Just use your imagination. Then take pictures of the scenes that you have created. Clean up your mess, put the toys away, and then show the pictures to your kids in the morning.

“See what your toys were doing while you were sleeping!”  

I can envision you two having a blast coming up with crazy activities for the toys.



WEEK 1 FEBRURARY:  Boudoir Puzzle Date

Here is a unique Valentine’s Day gift for hubby, turned it into a date!! He’s going to love this one.

Note: This post has several links to other websites.

This will take a little preparation. First you will need to shop for a new lingerie piece. Our store offers fine quality lingerie.

Now find a friend to take some boudoir pictures of you wearing your new lingerie. Here is a link to a post I did on (How to Look Awesome in Lingerie).  Pinterest also has boudoir pose ideas that could be helpful. I am not providing a link for that. Could be a little…….you know. (For this website) 

Next find a company like Shutterfly to print your chosen picture onto a puzzle.  Here is a link that might help you get started.

Purchase or make your own paper heart box for the puzzle. Here is a link to instructions for making your own.

Place your puzzle pieces into the heart box. Give it to him on your special night. Do not tell him what the puzzle picture is. No guessing! Inform him that he will have to put the puzzle together to find out. You will help, of course.

Have your new piece of lingerie (that you were wearing in the picture) all ready to model for that night.

Create a romantic atmosphere. A fire in the fireplace, marshmallows ready to roast, music, chocolate covered strawberries, etc.

This will be the most exiting puzzle your man has ever put together. Be sure to order a puzzle with a little challenge to it.


WEEK 2 FEBRUARY: Old Fashioned Movie Date

The big hubbub is the movie coming out on Valentine’s Day – Old Fashioned.

Note: This post has a link to another website. 


Below is a link to the trailer. Check it out. Hopefully there is a theater near you that is showing this.

If you go see this, let us know what you thought of it.     


Week 3 February:   Car Kit Date

      I’ve never been an oldies car kind of person.  But I’m sure that lots of you out there are, especially your husbands.

       For my eighteenth birthday my brother bought me a Ford Mustang model car kit. My roommate (best friend in college) and I had a blast putting it together.

       I truly believe this would make a super fun date. The model doesn’t  have to be an oldies car. It can be the latest jazzed up hot rod or some tough looking truck. Just pick something that one or both of you are interested in. You will be surprised to discover details about the vehicle that you might not otherwise have noticed.  Hopefully hubby doesn’t  get in over his head with a too detailed one. This date could last a year then. Encourage him to purchase a simpler kit, one that is already painted, etc. and that can be completed in a couple of hours. Good luck!


Week 4 February:   Moonlight Walk Date

       Guess what is special about the night of March 5th? Yes, there is a full moon.

 I remember not being able to sleep one night. I felt led to go outside. I didn’t even know there was a full moon out there. (Probably why I was having trouble sleeping.) I remember thinking, “How silly this is!” But it ended up being one of the most awe inspiring times of my life. I felt God’s presence as never before. It was glorious. Such a glimpse of heaven I had never had. Everything was lit up with a soft glow. It was so quiet, so still.

I do believe that the closer we come to know God in our own lives, the brighter our lives will be with our spouses. It is in moments like these that we talk about things that are dear to our hearts. We open up and shed a little more light onto who we are, what we think.

 Our date inspiration this week is a walk in the moonlight. A few things have to line up just right for this to take place in your wonderful neck of the woods.

First you need to have a clear or almost clear sky. Not filled with clouds or snow/raining.

Next, you need to wake up when the moon is high in the sky in order to get the full glow effect of the surrounding landscape. So that might involve going to bed a little earlier than usual and hoping that you hear your alarm clock.

If you live in the city, you may need to go on a little drive.

Trust me, it will be worth it!


Week 1 March:   The Library Date

 Who says dates have to be at night. I propose a brunch date. Unless your library stays open late at night, a brunch date is what it might need to be.

 I would suggest picking a topic. Say something like Home Remodels, History , How Is Something Made  , or perhaps some Romantic Poetry. Just depends on the type of folks you are.

So go out to eat for a late breakfast. Note: some of the finer restaurants are much less expensive for breakfast. Follow this peaceful meal up with some restful library time.

Some libraries are quite fancy. They have fireplaces tucked away in little corners with comfy couches and chairs to snuggle up in. Just make sure that snuggling is all you do. 

You never know till you try it. It will be what you make of it. These kinds of dates encourage discussion for what each of you like or dislike, which in turn help you grow just a little bit closer together than you were before.


Week 2 March:   Fitness Date,

I do believe that “strength is the new sexy” is IN. Working out is the new healthy. If you don’t work out you might not have anything in common with your friends. Everyone is doing it………well, not everyone. I’m here to tell you that I have a pretty buff husband and I have never (repeat) NEVER seen him do an exercise routine, ever!!! He was one tuff cowboy when I met him and he is still one tuff “manly man” if you know what I mean. I, on the other hand, should be much more devoted to my exercises than I am, but I am not here to talk about me. I’m actually going to talk about my sister and her husband. Dusty gets up early every morning before her kids wake up and does her exercises. She has had three kids and is in great shape. Her husband also is unbelievable fit. They do everything you could possibly imagine in the way of exercising – routines, weights, balls, kettle bells, and good old hard work and sweat. They thought it would be a fun date idea. So here we are. Choose what time of day you will be having this sweaty date. Set some realistic goals. Remember this is supposed to be fun. Invent some kind of reward for reaching your goals – a reward that you will both enjoy. If you are not very familiar with your Video routine, I suggest just writing out what and how many you will do. Otherwise one of you might spend the whole time worrying about keeping up or doing it right. Because there most likely will be one of you that is not as “into” the whole exercise thing as the other one. Don’t forget to take a shower together. Wait, did I just say that……….?!!


Week 3 March:   Teach and Learn Date

Nope, this is not a movie night date. It is more like a double date, but just for the two of you. Each of you knows something that the other doesn’t. Each of you knows how to do something that the other might like to learn. For example: Your husband loves the cinnamon rolls that you make. He learns how to make them, with you as the teacher. You’ve always wanted to know how to change the oil in your car. He teaches you while you wear your Daisy Duke shorts. Fun, fun, fun. Customize this date to your liking. Teach each other and learn from each other. This is the ultimate date for strengthening knowledge of your spouse. Note: Make sure that what is picked is not something that has to be done, like a “you help me, I’ll help you” plan. Keep to the idea of each of you making the decision for what you want to learn. Be genuine. Keep it simple and fun.


Week 4 March:   Origami Date

Even if you are not the crafty or artistic type, this could be made into an evening of fun. You Tube is full of little clips showing how to fold paper into interesting creatures or things. Maybe you could check out a book at the library. Just be sure to buy some origami paper. It is thinner, resulting in easier folding. It can be purchased at your local Walmart. Make some shapes for Easter and hang from the ceiling like a chandelier. If you have children, they would love this.


Week 1 April:   Book Date

When my husband was working as a milk man, yes I was married to the milk man, I would read books on tape; recording them for him to listen to while he drove. I probably had too much time on my hands when first married, I know. But it was a fun way to connect while he was away for so many hours. When he would come home we would talk about the book. I am proposing something much simpler, reading together. Choose some comics or adventure, whatever your fancy. It brings you close together to talk about what you have read – spiritual books especially. I am compiling a short book list. Some of these you will have already read, some you will gasp that I would ever suggest them, try to not judge too harshly. COMIC – any Patrick F. McManus books (prepare to almost die of laughter) – Raising a Riot by Alfred Toombs (true story- light and fun, parents can relate to this book) ADVENTURE – The Buccaneers series of three books by Linda Chaikin (lots of history in this book) – Oak and Iron by James B. Hendryx (very old book, deep) SPIRITUAL – Sir Gibbie the unedited version by George McDonald (deep, thought provoking) – Rush of Heaven by Ema McKinley (modern true story) ROMANCE – Light of the Western Stars by Zane Grey (my favorite book!) – The Shepherd of the Hills by Harold Bell Wright (if you haven’t read this book, it’s time)


Week 2 April:   Good Samaritan Date

True joy comes from serving others. I challenge you to a Good Samaritan date! This will take a little bit of motivation. You may say, “But I don’t have time.” Nobody ever has time. You’ll have to make time. So how to go about this? Just drive around your neighborhood or town and find something that needs done or someone who needs help. You may need to stop and ask someone. You may get refused. Just keep trying. An old neighborhood is sometimes helpful to visit. There may be elderly people that could use a hand with something. If you look hard enough I guarantee success. You just never know where or how the Lord will guide. Don’t be afraid to ask Him for help. He knows who is in need more than anyone.


Week 3 April:   Sexy Checkers

This date night might be a little much for some of you. It is a game that you can play in the privacy of your bedroom or when NO one is at home, but the two of you. All you need is a checker board and checkers. Each of you will need to have a total of 16 items of clothing or accessories on. Yep, you guessed it! Every time you lose a checker, you have to take something off. The loser should be completely naked if you counted right. I imagine this game providing loads of fun for you brave couples. I dare you to give it a try!!


Week 4 April:   A Train Affair

I have spent hours and hours searching for information about this date night. I was so disappointed. Nothing exists like I dreamed it would. So instead of whining too much about it, let’s just make the best with what we have. The good news is there are still trains that run all over North America. The bad news is there is not anything out there that looks like the one pictured below. Only in Europe do they exist and we are talking over $1,000 per person. There was an interesting train route up in Canada, very expensive. But a train ride could be fun. Although I’m afraid I am not speaking from experience. For I have never ridden on an overnight train. I hear is is fun dining on them. So take a train to visit some old friends that you never see and have a short vacation. How have your experiences been on overnight trains? Have you found anything out there that was nice?


Week 1 May:   Tepee Hotel

Who wants to take a trip to Marfa, Texas? I have to admit that these tepees look pretty romantic. The idea is stunning. These are like mini hotel rooms. At 22 ft. in diameter they sport brick floors with a queen size bed, electrical lighting, and linens and towels for use at the nearby bath house. If you are the traveling type then start packing. If you are the carpentry type then start building. Even a little one in the backyard could lead to tons of fun. Here is a link to check it out.

It could be fun and interesting to make a new years resolution as a couple. 

We invite you to our “Date a Month Challenge”.

You might say, “That isn’t very often.” Or you might cringe, “That often?”

Wherever you are on the dating scale; a date once a month would surprise you by how often it comes around.

I consider it a “realistic” challenge. If you do too, then climb aboard.

Once a week on our FACE BOOK PAGE we are going to share a date night inspiration.  

This could be just the nudge you need to keep that spark alive. 

So have a fun time. Share and encourage. 


1. What week will you go on your date? (One month at a time.) *Remember to be flexible if it doesn’t work out for one of you. Just plan again. 

2. Take turns picking your dates. (Every other month.)

3.  Take a little time to think about what your spouse loves to do. (Hobbies, interests, obsessions…..) *Warning: It could be something that they do all the time and you are a little sick of it. This is a great time to start on your journey of learning to enjoying what they enjoy.

4. Don’t sweat the money crunch months. *There may be months that you can not afford to go on any date. That’s okay! Some of the best dates are the ones that do not cost a cent (just time).  Try not to put any value on date picking ideas. Any date is special no matter what.

5. If you miss a month, don’t beat yourself up about it. *This doesn’t mean you have failed or have a bad marriage. Just say with excitement and anticipation,  “What are we going to do next month?”




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