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Lingerie: What is it and how do you pronounce it?

—————Vintage Lingerie————

Peignoir DrawingPeignoir [pen-wa]  – A long, sheer robe worn over lingerie.

(in English = Robe)

(in French  pegner [pen-you-wa]  = to comb the hair)                                                                    







Negligee DrawingNegligee [neg-lee-jshay] 

(in English = long, sheer, often layered dressing gown)

(in French neglige = neglected) 






—————— Modern Lingerie [lone-jsher-ay]—————–

(in English = intimate night wear)

(in French = undergarments in general )

– Usually associated with night wear that flatters and enhances the female figure and to drive your man crazy!

Sexy Bra Panty Set Drawing


Sexy Bra and Panty Set = These are usually skimpy and the bra is not made for support. They are great fun. And are designed to be matching.







Baby Doll Drawing


 Babydoll = A short negligee, reaching anywhere from mid-thigh to belly button with the intention of showing the matching panties that often comes with the babydoll. The bodice usually forms to the bust, sometimes with a built in bra. Waist is an empire waist. The skirt is flowing.






Flyaway DrawingFlyaway = This kind of lingerie is considered a babydoll.  A matching G-string is always included. It is similar to a babydoll by its empire waist and short skirt, but it differs by how it is put on and taken off. Put it on like a shirt and tie it in the front to fasten it in place. Guys love this piece of lingerie because all they have to do is pull the strings on the bow and it falls off. 






Chemise Drawing


Chemise [she-meez] = A short, tight fitting lingerie that is made of stretchy material and often with sheer panels down the sides, back, or front. A chemise does not have a waist. It is usually strapless or with spaghetti straps. The French use this word for “shirt”. It is sometimes called a “shift”.






Slip Drawing


Slip = This is a formless, flowing negligee that is usually made of satin. It has spaghetti straps to hold it up and is sometimes trimmed with lace. It has no waist line. This form of lingerie is very comfortable and pretty, but not as flattering or sexy as other lingerie.






Bustier Drawing


Bustier [bustee-aze] = A modern corset -without the discomfort. Often worn under wedding dresses or for Valentine’s Day. Other names for the bustier are “garter slip” or “basque”. They either lace up in the back, hook in the front, or just slip over the head. Sometimes they come with built in garter suspenders for holding up stockings. They usually come with matching G-string or ruffled boyshorts.





Maternity DrawingMaternity Lingerie = Nursing, nursing, nursing: seems like it is your life, but you can feel beautiful even though you think you are a milk cow or a baby maker with a large bump.  This is a time when your breasts are at their best, so why not show them off. Maternity Lingerie lets you be sexy while breastfeeding or being pregnant all at the same time. The bodice of this lingerie is designed like a nursing bra that unclips to allow access for breastfeeding and holding those very important breast pads in place.  It also allows plenty of room for that growing bump. These custom negligees are longer with a flowing skirt. They are usually not made of sheer material but made of more durable fabrics.




———–Day Wear———

Different Styles of Panties 


Bikini Drawing


Bikini Panties = They are worn at the hips. The rear coverage of the bikini is not as full as with the brief.





Hipsters Drawing

Hipsters = These panties are worn lower around the hips. They are like low rise panties but in boy short styles.






Boyshort Drawing

Boylegs or Boyshort Panties  = These are styled after men’s underwear and they are perfect and comfortable enough for everyday wear and yet sexy.






Brief Drawing

Brief Panties = These classic briefs have full coverage and are very comfortable for most women. There are also various cuts of these briefs. One of them are, French cut briefs, where they have high cut legs.






Tanga Drawing

Tanga Panties = These panties are worn lower around the hips and have narrower back coverage which are between bikinis and thongs. For those who are thinking to wear thongs, they should try wearing tangas first.







Control Brief Drawing


Control Brief = These are high-waisted panties which have full coverage up to the tummy. They also give extra support and make women look slimmer.






Thong Drawing

Thong Panties = These are similar to tangas but have minimal coverage at the back. There are various styles of thongs for women in the market. The thong leaves no visible panty lines.






G-string Drawing

G-strings Panties = These have very minimal coverage among the panties and make them the most sexy panties. They only cover the genital part and have mostly thin string around the waist. Sometimes they have a piece of fabric in the back called the “whale tail”. G-strings come with some lingerie as a matching panty. Used for intimate night wear.




Brazilian Drawing


Brazilians or Cheekies =  These panties have more rear coverage than thongs but less than bikinis. They are comfortable to wear with very low panty lines.





Peroid Panty DrawingPeriod Panties = These panties come in all different styles. Their main attribute is to give you the best comfort and protection possible during your menstrual cycle.  They come with attributes like: Seamless, Stain Free, Leak Resistant Protection, Waterproof, Padded and Extra Lined, Special Designs for adding pads, Extra Soft Fabrics, and Stretchy Spandex for support during cramps or Airy Cotton for the best breathing possible. There are even disposable panties with built-in menstrual pads!




————Day Wear———–

Different Styles of Bras  

Brassiere [bra-sza-ree] =Bra

Seamed BraThe seams in this bra maximize lift and support. They also allow for separation of the breast tissue for a comfortable fit. Great for full figures. Usually worn under heavier fabrics.

Seamless Bra = Worn for a smooth look under t-shirts or light fabrics.

Contour Bra = Similar to a seamless bra, but lightly lined for great shaping.

T-Back Bra = Works great for tank-style tops.

Push Up Bra  = Naturally enhances the bust line.

Sports Bra = For exercise of all kinds.

Strapless Bra = For complicated necklines and eveningwear.

Minimizer Bra = For reducing the bust line. Does not necessarily make you LOOK smaller.

Nursing or Maternity Bra = This bra is a practical bra designed with fuller cups, comfortable fabrics, and wider shoulder straps for increased comfort. It is designed to support a woman’s increased breast size during lactation and provide ready access to her breasts for nursing. The nursing bra aids breast feeding by providing flaps and panels that form the bra cup that can be unclipped and folded down or to the side with one hand, exposing the nipple. Some nursing bras are designed so the entire brassiere can be easily pulled upward over the breast to allow an infant to nurse. All nursing bras are designed to allow the mother to easily hold her infant and initiate breast feeding with a minimum of effort. When in public this enables a mother to nurse her infant without having to undress. Nursing bras are designed to hold breast pads in place in order to absorb leaking milk between feeding.


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