Kasey and Dusty are sisters and best friends. Most importantly they are Christians who love and serve their Lord Jesus Christ. Both are married, have children, and attend the same church, Glenwood Springs Baptist Church. Both have a passion for all things organic, wholefoods, and herbs; but also have great fun with fashion, art, and design. 



1. Where are you from?

Both Kasey and Dusty were born and raised in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

2. What made you decide to start this website and blog?

We got tired of shopping for lingerie that didn’t exist. Wading through the cheap, low quality stuff that never fits right. Viewing all the obscene, fake models. We decided to start something fresh and clean. The Lord inspired our website. It is His. We serve God with our work. Our vision is to deliver a safe website with pure and sweet tastes in lingerie. Safe for husbands and building confidence for women. 

3. Tell us about yourself, Kasey.

I love all things beautiful. I have a knack for organization, leadership, and art. Music is my passion. I play the piano, violin, guitar, and banjo. Lately I have been writing songs about my Lord. I am the business brain to the website. Some of my hobbies involve making jewelry and oil painting.

4. Tell us about yourself, Dusty.

I am the energy of the website. I am a great shopper and love it; so that’s my job. Inspiration and design are my forte.  I will be doing most of the blogging. I love to cook. Converting not so healthy recipes into wholesome, organic, great tasting recipes is a hobby of mine. I also enjoy learning about herbs and making tinctures and salves. I have a huge garden, two milk cows, and chickens.

5. What are your romance stories?

Kasey met Josh when she was six years old in Sunday School, but she doesn’t remember. Their parents went to the same church. They grew up together and were immediately assumed to be a couple as a teenagers. Both went to different colleges and later married their best friends; each other.

Dusty met Matt when God brought him to her church. Matt had just moved to Colorado as a finish carpenter. He was a new Christian and was looking for a good church to go to . He almost didn’t go in when he saw how small the church was, but God urged him on. He saw Dusty for the first time and the rest is history. They were married within a year.

6. When did you gals start cooking?

We have been cooking since we were little girls. Our mother is the best cook in the west, so we have had patient lessons all our lives. We grew up helping with the family business, OFC Outfitting. So we learned to hunt, butcher, and cut up (process) our own elk. Not to mention, cook it. Cooking for hungry brothers and hunters, gave us lots of practice. We both have big gardens and put up everything that will grow at eight thousand feet above sea level. Both own milk cows and agree that there is no replacement for raw milk. From grinding our own Kamut to making the best Kambuca; we have our mother to thank. Thank you Mom!

So even if we are a little bit tough around the edges we can still put on the lace at night and give our guys a show of a lifetime!! 

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