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When I don’t have any idea what to make for a quick lunch for my kids; I find myself often making these.

They are really “quick and easy.” My kids love them and so do I. Husbands are sometimes a little hard to convince on such dainty, delicate foods as these.

The recipe is simple………

1 (6 oz.) can salmon -drain juice out

1 eggs

1/2 tsp. salt

1  1/2   tsp. lemon pepper

butter for frying

 * This recipe only makes 7 patties. So you may need to double or triple this recipe.



Put all the ingredients into a small bowl.

Melt some butter in a skillet.



Using a fork, mix well together. Form into patties and place in skillet to fry.

Be sure that the first side of the patty is cooked enough or else the patty will fall apart when you try to turn it over.


I made this for our date night. It was so easy, but so good! Since I didn’t have a lot on hand I had to make something up! Which can either be really good or sometimes not so good=( Thankfully this time it turned out very yummy and Matt said I should to make it again. I made myself write down measurements since usually I just dump it in and go! As we are very blessed to butcher our own grass fed beef, we have a lot of the same cuts. So figuring different ways to cook it, is a must.

                                                                       Italian Creamed Steak 

2 pounds round steak, cut in bite size pieces

3 TB balsamic vinegar {this will make meat very tender} 

1 TB basil

1 TB oregano

1/2 TB onion powder

1/2 TB garlic minced

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

4 TB Olive oil

Marinade at least 4 hours 

Pour marinade and meat in frying pan and cook until brown


 Cream Sauce

1/4 cup butter

3 TB butter

1/2 cups milk

1 clove garlic minced

1/2 tsp basil

1 chopped red Mediterranean  pepper mild {you can find these in a jar in health food store} 

1/2 cup cheese {I used raw cheddar but any kind will work}

Salt and Pepper to taste

Melt butter in sauce pan on medium heat

Whisk in flour

Add milk stir constantly

Bring to boil and boil for 1 minute add spices and cheese

When Cheese is melted, pour sauce over steak and serve over a bed of spinach or alone





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