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Have you ever experienced diaper rash?? If you have had a baby or taken care of one, you have probably experienced it and it is not fun!! When my daughter was little and in diapers she got a horrible rash . Nothing would help. It was so bad that it bled. We later found out that beets were the cause of the rashes. Even if the juice of beets got on her plate she would get this diaper rash. My heart broke every time I had to change her diaper. She screamed with pain as I wiped her. I did not want to use the typical diaper rash cream because the main ingredient can be very  harmful for some children. Plus I don’t like using anything that I can’t even read what it is. But at that point I was ready to try anything (it was so bad). I started researching and decided to try ( are you ready for this!!)) plain whole milk yoghurt!! And in less then a day it was totally cleared up. After that, any time there was any rash I dabbed a little yoghurt on it. The rash would be gone by the next diaper change!!  I did not have to use bad chemicals or pay big bucks for cream!! Instead of heading to the store head to your fridge. It really works!  This way you know what is going on your baby’s bottom!!

From experience make sure the yoghurt is room temperature. Right out of the fridge is way too cold for their little bottoms!!



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