Sleeping Beauty * Snow White * The Princess and the Pea * Cinderella * Beauty and the Beast * The Princess and the Frog

What others can you think of???


The Whole Table

This idea works well because of the availability for decor.

We made our own tutu skirt for the table. 

Cupcake table


Put candied peas on the cupcakes for The Princess and the Pea effect. 

Princess and the Pea

I hot glued a candied pea to a little doll house table. 


Glass Slipper

Stylish heel for a glass slipper. Spray paint a pumpkin with glitter paint. 


Freeze rose buds in little paper cups. Then peel off the cups. 


Print pictures from vintage style story book. Use foam pumpkins and spell the baby’s name. 

Once Upon a Time sign

Just cut outs from poster board. Simple is best. 

Carmel Apple Bar

Fun food idea. Mini Chocolate chips, nuts, coconut, and different caramel dips. 

Snow White

Not for eating. 🙂 Gothic style goblets give the feeling of poison. 

We could not find an ornamental prince frog. But if you could find one…cut off the stem of a pumpkin and place the little guy on top. It is really cute!

Prince frog

Fun, fun, fun!!!

If you need some more inspiration, here is a link to a sweet poem/song that I wrote for mothers. I love it and I hope you will too. 

Mother’s Day Song 

Nursing Bras Slider


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