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Romance is a word dreamed about by most wives. We love the look and feel of it. On the flip side, men like the words sassy, sexy, and hot. So I am combining all these aspects to come up with some ideas for us wives. After all, we are the decorators. I love love love to decorate. Yeah, it’s a little bit over the top. So I am going to share ideas on how to achieve a bedroom that will put you in the mood.   1. Get rid of clutter I know this is not what you wanted to hear. But it is a must if you are going to feel relaxed. Your bedroom should not be your office. It shouldn’t be a storage room. Definitely not the nursery or toy room. So get rid of all the stuff that does not relate to “bedroom.”   2. Pick a theme Whatever you like. Vintage, french country, the color coral, peonies……it is endless. Just pick something that you like. This will help you to find decorations, pictures, or pillows that will match your theme. It narrows down your search. If you are the kind of person that has a hard time deciding what you like or you can’t seem to envision anything; then I would suggest looking on Pinterest or something similar. Find a picture that has you saying….”I love this!” Then start copying it.   3. Think about paint It might not be a bad idea to give your room a fresh coat of paint. I suggest picking a neutral color, because you may want to change your theme in the near future.   4. Lighting I wrote a post on our date night inspirations a while back. It was called the Dimmer Switch Date. A dimmer switch, lamps, chandelier, candles, white lights, mirrors all add that special something called ambiance.   5. Fragrance Lavender, Rose, Cinnamon, these are just a few essential oils you could pick. The main thing is to pick one that you love and stick with it. Coming into the bedroom and having the same smell will help to bring feelings and memories to mind that are helpful for “the mood.” Diffusers are becoming quite popular. You sprinkle some essential oils into the water and it diffuses the fragrance into the room. An alternative to this is a little clay pot that diffuses the fragrance without any electricity. I can not figure out what these are called. They are also hard to find. Here is a picture of one. Where to purchase. You can also use a reed diffuser. 6. Sound Design your room to have easy access to music. Stationary water features give a beautiful sound. My favorite is a crackling fire. That might be because I live in the cold Rocky Mountains though. 7. Warmth This may seem like a strange idea. But let’s picture you racing to strip off your clothes and putting on the warmest pjs you can find with wool socks and diving under a huge pile of cover. Not so sexy. A warm room is essential for anything that requires a back message, strip tease, or anything without clothes. Even if you need to add a little space heater, it will be worth it.   The rest of this post is just going to be pictures. I will add pictures and ideas for a while until I think I have found enough for you.     Western style.   These lamps.   I love texture.   Nature drama.   Light under the bed.   A couch is a great alternative to a foot board. It also makes a room “oh so cozy” feeling.   Contrasts. Chic meets homestead.   Just because it’s frilly doesn’t mean it can’t be western.   Who said quilts aren’t “in”?

Savagely Unique! We had so much fun with this baby shower. The ideas that flow in are endless. 

It is very helpful to know someone who likes to show off their antiques. 

The more antiques the better. Bring on the tomahawks, hides and feathers!!!

* This post has several links to other sites.* 

This was our food display. We used old wooden crates and slices of logs to create height  and depth. Baskets, cast iron pots, and crockery bowls held the food. A wooden sign was hand made to double as a gift and decoration with the baby’s name on it. We found camouflage paper products. Yeh!



We dressed the gift table up with a tomahawk dashed into a slab of log. A rustic picture frame sports an old TV ad from the original movie of Davy Crockett.  Topped it off with a hand crocheted table cloth. 



This was a gem. A real pistol! Turkey feather display and little leather moccasins fit the theme perfectly.  





Another gem! A real live powder horn. The hide under the table was a genuine beaver pelt. 





We like to make a focal point for the guest to open presents at. This antique rocker and quilt over the elk hide gave the perfect touch. Once again just a few antiques help the decor along. You must have at least one coon skin cap! 



We just fell in love with the old, old crib. Had to use that somewhere. 



This ended up being the cutest addition to the party. We gathered stuffed animals and staged a frontier hunt. Might be a little too wild west for some of you. That’s okay. 





We had lots of fun with this. Homemade cupcakes, with different homemade sauces in canning jars. The jars had chalk board stickers on them. We used chalk to write the different kinds of sauces. Baskets were naturally filled with berries of all sorts. It was dangerously good. 





Games and Entertainment



If you have ever watched the 1955 Davy Crockett (King of the Wild Frontier) staring Fess Elisha Parker Jr. , you will have noticed the catchy tune that is sung at the beginning. Here is a link to listen to if you do not remember. Ballad of Davy Crockett

I took the tune to this song and personalized it to fit the baby at our shower. I play the guitar so I was able to sing and play this. It turned out to be the hit of the party as well as a special keep sake for the mother. 


We decided to steer away from games for this party and do something unique. We embarked on a skit. It was unbelievably hilarious. We just had a lady play the dad part. This skit worked well for our baby shower because this was the mother’s first baby. It was super easy. Hardly any props. 

The skit only cost $5. If you are interested in doing one of these then here is a link. First Baby Skit 






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Here we go! This is the start of our Date a Month Challenge.

Every Thursday  our FB page will be directing you here to our Date Night Inspirations. We will number them in the order that they were created. 

Week 1 January:  Sledding in the Boondocks 

       If this were my situation, I could imagine my burly husband taking over an hour to get ready. He would gather chains for the truck, tools to fix broken chains along the way, chainsaw, three spare tires, and dogs of all sorts. You may ask, “Where oh where does he plan on going?” Somewhere in the boondocks, I guess.

       So you might not be surprised when I pack food, water, fire building materials, head lamp, extra batteries for the head lamp, enough snow clothes to cloth a nation, and my spirit of adventure. I don’t know what may lie ahead because my husband sure likes to trek off the beaten path, or rather places only Native Americans have ever seen. I better pack some more food…….oh and the sled too. And no, this would not be the truck he would drive. Something big, full of diesel, and pre-crashed is more like it. Hmmmm……better grab some sleeping bags. You never know. 



Week 2 January:    Cribbage Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

       In my younger days, I used to go help my aunt and uncle put up hay or help during calving season on their ranch in northern Colorado. They had a special bond. I could tell. My aunt was always upbeat even though she was forced to a wheel chair because of her MS. I was amazed by her positive attitude. My uncle who is over 80 years old now is still managing the ranch by himself.

       Every morning after breakfast, these two would play a couple rounds of cribbage. I could tell even at my age that this was a special time for them to just do something together, just enjoying each other. Pinned on their wall right above the dining table was a wrinkled up piece of paper marked up by the winnings of past days. They kept close track of who won and even bet a few dollars occasionally. They had played this game for so many years that their fingers moved like lightning. They could go through a round in minutes.

                              This small amount of time spent each morning was what glued them together, what still holds them together.



Week 3 January: Dimmer Switch Date

      This is a “For Him” date. He might have to do a little work for it though. Maybe you already have a dimmer switch installed for the lights in your bedroom. But if you do not,  this is a fun date night idea.

      A dimmer switch can be purchased at any local hardware store, Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc.

      Lighting is very important for a romantic bedroom feel and this is an easy way to do it. Candles are great, but I have heard stories of ladies catching their hair and other things on fire.

      It could be fun to give this idea to him gift wrapped in a box or bag. You could have the dimmer switch wrapped in a sexy lingerie piece. Tell him he has to install the switch before any action arrives.

      I understand that some women find it difficult to make love with the lights on. This would be a good step towards having the lights on. You can make it as dim as you like and work your way up to brighter times in the future.



     Hey guys, want to put a smile on your girls’ face? This is a “for her” date! Most women love to shop, weather they admit it or not. Honestly I am not a die-hard shopper. But when it comes to getting the chance to shop without the kiddos I definitely perk up. Add the undivided attention of a husband in there and it will put a smile on my face. There are always “things” that a girl needs. And a mother will put these needs off just because of the inconvenience of dragging all the children around to find it. If she doesn’t absolutely have to have it, she will go on and on without it.

   Here are a few things that you guys will need to know before you drop this date idea on your lovely.

 1.) Some families are on a pretty tight budget. If you’re a husband, your wife might “hold the purse strings”. It can be pretty tough to convince any such lady that she might have a good time shopping. You may have to set aside some of your spending money or do some fast cash jobs before hinting to any shopping date.

2.) Pick a time when you know your lovely is not on her cycle. (Very important!) Also, choose a fair weather day to go. Some women don’t like to go shopping when the roads are bad to get there, or if it’s pouring down rain.

3.) Arrange for a babysitter. Choose someone that your wife prefers. She will be more relaxed for shopping and keeping her mind on the fun ahead.

4.) Prepare yourself. No I’m not kidding. You need to be prepared to be at this most, if not all of the day. Take a little extra cash for lunch or dinner.  You will need lots of coffee. (Very bad to fall asleep) a thousand times, “No!” Prepare yourself for visiting intimate wear shops. Ladies like your opinion on those much needed bras and panties. Have an opinion. Even if you are not sure, just pick something. Practice, “I love that one.” But don’t say that for every piece. You need an opinion here. Don’t be offended if she picks something else entirely. Just smile and say you like it.

5.)  Patience, you will need lots of this. Take a good book or magazine, just don’t get too engrossed in it. Piece of advise, do not answer or be on your phone unless it is absolutely necessary. You can ruin the entire date if you are on your phone! If you run your business from your phone, leave the phone at home.

6.) Be encouraging. You might hear phrases like, “I am so fat!” “I hate myself.” “I’ll never find what I want, let’s just go home!” “Why did you suggest such an expensive date, we could have used this money to pay off debt.” Try not to take offence. Say things like, “Well, you could go naked. That’s fine with me.” “You deserve this time to look for things you need. Let’s make the best of it.” “I love you just the way you are.” “Come here, (hug) everything will be okay.”  “Don’t worry if you can’t find a thing on this shopping trip, it’s just fine. I’m just having the time of my life spending time with you.”

7.) Pay attention to what she says she likes. You will get to know her better and have an easier time when it comes to getting her a present in the future.

   I hope that this is a help to some of you guys. 


WEEK 5 JANUARY:  Animation Date

This is a fun date for parents and their children. It might be a bit unusual, so break out that creative side!

While the kids are asleep you two can make something magical and spend some fun time together doing it.

The idea is to pick out some action figures, stuffed animals, or toys from your child’s room. Figure out what your toys will be doing? Will they be reading, cooking, taking a bath, etc.? What kind of messes will they be making? Just use your imagination. Then take pictures of the scenes that you have created. Clean up your mess, put the toys away, and then show the pictures to your kids in the morning.

“See what your toys were doing while you were sleeping!”  

I can envision you two having a blast coming up with crazy activities for the toys.



WEEK 1 FEBRURARY:  Boudoir Puzzle Date

Here is a unique Valentine’s Day gift for hubby, turned it into a date!! He’s going to love this one.

Note: This post has several links to other websites.

This will take a little preparation. First you will need to shop for a new lingerie piece. Our store offers fine quality lingerie.

Now find a friend to take some boudoir pictures of you wearing your new lingerie. Here is a link to a post I did on (How to Look Awesome in Lingerie).  Pinterest also has boudoir pose ideas that could be helpful. I am not providing a link for that. Could be a little…….you know. (For this website) 

Next find a company like Shutterfly to print your chosen picture onto a puzzle.  Here is a link that might help you get started.

Purchase or make your own paper heart box for the puzzle. Here is a link to instructions for making your own.

Place your puzzle pieces into the heart box. Give it to him on your special night. Do not tell him what the puzzle picture is. No guessing! Inform him that he will have to put the puzzle together to find out. You will help, of course.

Have your new piece of lingerie (that you were wearing in the picture) all ready to model for that night.

Create a romantic atmosphere. A fire in the fireplace, marshmallows ready to roast, music, chocolate covered strawberries, etc.

This will be the most exiting puzzle your man has ever put together. Be sure to order a puzzle with a little challenge to it.


WEEK 2 FEBRUARY: Old Fashioned Movie Date

The big hubbub is the movie coming out on Valentine’s Day – Old Fashioned.

Note: This post has a link to another website. 


Below is a link to the trailer. Check it out. Hopefully there is a theater near you that is showing this.

If you go see this, let us know what you thought of it.     


Week 3 February:   Car Kit Date

      I’ve never been an oldies car kind of person.  But I’m sure that lots of you out there are, especially your husbands.

       For my eighteenth birthday my brother bought me a Ford Mustang model car kit. My roommate (best friend in college) and I had a blast putting it together.

       I truly believe this would make a super fun date. The model doesn’t  have to be an oldies car. It can be the latest jazzed up hot rod or some tough looking truck. Just pick something that one or both of you are interested in. You will be surprised to discover details about the vehicle that you might not otherwise have noticed.  Hopefully hubby doesn’t  get in over his head with a too detailed one. This date could last a year then. Encourage him to purchase a simpler kit, one that is already painted, etc. and that can be completed in a couple of hours. Good luck!


Week 4 February:   Moonlight Walk Date

       Guess what is special about the night of March 5th? Yes, there is a full moon.

 I remember not being able to sleep one night. I felt led to go outside. I didn’t even know there was a full moon out there. (Probably why I was having trouble sleeping.) I remember thinking, “How silly this is!” But it ended up being one of the most awe inspiring times of my life. I felt God’s presence as never before. It was glorious. Such a glimpse of heaven I had never had. Everything was lit up with a soft glow. It was so quiet, so still.

I do believe that the closer we come to know God in our own lives, the brighter our lives will be with our spouses. It is in moments like these that we talk about things that are dear to our hearts. We open up and shed a little more light onto who we are, what we think.

 Our date inspiration this week is a walk in the moonlight. A few things have to line up just right for this to take place in your wonderful neck of the woods.

First you need to have a clear or almost clear sky. Not filled with clouds or snow/raining.

Next, you need to wake up when the moon is high in the sky in order to get the full glow effect of the surrounding landscape. So that might involve going to bed a little earlier than usual and hoping that you hear your alarm clock.

If you live in the city, you may need to go on a little drive.

Trust me, it will be worth it!


Week 1 March:   The Library Date

 Who says dates have to be at night. I propose a brunch date. Unless your library stays open late at night, a brunch date is what it might need to be.

 I would suggest picking a topic. Say something like Home Remodels, History , How Is Something Made  , or perhaps some Romantic Poetry. Just depends on the type of folks you are.

So go out to eat for a late breakfast. Note: some of the finer restaurants are much less expensive for breakfast. Follow this peaceful meal up with some restful library time.

Some libraries are quite fancy. They have fireplaces tucked away in little corners with comfy couches and chairs to snuggle up in. Just make sure that snuggling is all you do. 

You never know till you try it. It will be what you make of it. These kinds of dates encourage discussion for what each of you like or dislike, which in turn help you grow just a little bit closer together than you were before.


Week 2 March:   Fitness Date,

I do believe that “strength is the new sexy” is IN. Working out is the new healthy. If you don’t work out you might not have anything in common with your friends. Everyone is doing it………well, not everyone. I’m here to tell you that I have a pretty buff husband and I have never (repeat) NEVER seen him do an exercise routine, ever!!! He was one tuff cowboy when I met him and he is still one tuff “manly man” if you know what I mean. I, on the other hand, should be much more devoted to my exercises than I am, but I am not here to talk about me. I’m actually going to talk about my sister and her husband. Dusty gets up early every morning before her kids wake up and does her exercises. She has had three kids and is in great shape. Her husband also is unbelievable fit. They do everything you could possibly imagine in the way of exercising – routines, weights, balls, kettle bells, and good old hard work and sweat. They thought it would be a fun date idea. So here we are. Choose what time of day you will be having this sweaty date. Set some realistic goals. Remember this is supposed to be fun. Invent some kind of reward for reaching your goals – a reward that you will both enjoy. If you are not very familiar with your Video routine, I suggest just writing out what and how many you will do. Otherwise one of you might spend the whole time worrying about keeping up or doing it right. Because there most likely will be one of you that is not as “into” the whole exercise thing as the other one. Don’t forget to take a shower together. Wait, did I just say that……….?!!


Week 3 March:   Teach and Learn Date

Nope, this is not a movie night date. It is more like a double date, but just for the two of you. Each of you knows something that the other doesn’t. Each of you knows how to do something that the other might like to learn. For example: Your husband loves the cinnamon rolls that you make. He learns how to make them, with you as the teacher. You’ve always wanted to know how to change the oil in your car. He teaches you while you wear your Daisy Duke shorts. Fun, fun, fun. Customize this date to your liking. Teach each other and learn from each other. This is the ultimate date for strengthening knowledge of your spouse. Note: Make sure that what is picked is not something that has to be done, like a “you help me, I’ll help you” plan. Keep to the idea of each of you making the decision for what you want to learn. Be genuine. Keep it simple and fun.


Week 4 March:   Origami Date

Even if you are not the crafty or artistic type, this could be made into an evening of fun. You Tube is full of little clips showing how to fold paper into interesting creatures or things. Maybe you could check out a book at the library. Just be sure to buy some origami paper. It is thinner, resulting in easier folding. It can be purchased at your local Walmart. Make some shapes for Easter and hang from the ceiling like a chandelier. If you have children, they would love this.


Week 1 April:   Book Date

When my husband was working as a milk man, yes I was married to the milk man, I would read books on tape; recording them for him to listen to while he drove. I probably had too much time on my hands when first married, I know. But it was a fun way to connect while he was away for so many hours. When he would come home we would talk about the book. I am proposing something much simpler, reading together. Choose some comics or adventure, whatever your fancy. It brings you close together to talk about what you have read – spiritual books especially. I am compiling a short book list. Some of these you will have already read, some you will gasp that I would ever suggest them, try to not judge too harshly. COMIC – any Patrick F. McManus books (prepare to almost die of laughter) – Raising a Riot by Alfred Toombs (true story- light and fun, parents can relate to this book) ADVENTURE – The Buccaneers series of three books by Linda Chaikin (lots of history in this book) – Oak and Iron by James B. Hendryx (very old book, deep) SPIRITUAL – Sir Gibbie the unedited version by George McDonald (deep, thought provoking) – Rush of Heaven by Ema McKinley (modern true story) ROMANCE – Light of the Western Stars by Zane Grey (my favorite book!) – The Shepherd of the Hills by Harold Bell Wright (if you haven’t read this book, it’s time)


Week 2 April:   Good Samaritan Date

True joy comes from serving others. I challenge you to a Good Samaritan date! This will take a little bit of motivation. You may say, “But I don’t have time.” Nobody ever has time. You’ll have to make time. So how to go about this? Just drive around your neighborhood or town and find something that needs done or someone who needs help. You may need to stop and ask someone. You may get refused. Just keep trying. An old neighborhood is sometimes helpful to visit. There may be elderly people that could use a hand with something. If you look hard enough I guarantee success. You just never know where or how the Lord will guide. Don’t be afraid to ask Him for help. He knows who is in need more than anyone.


Week 3 April:   Sexy Checkers

This date night might be a little much for some of you. It is a game that you can play in the privacy of your bedroom or when NO one is at home, but the two of you. All you need is a checker board and checkers. Each of you will need to have a total of 16 items of clothing or accessories on. Yep, you guessed it! Every time you lose a checker, you have to take something off. The loser should be completely naked if you counted right. I imagine this game providing loads of fun for you brave couples. I dare you to give it a try!!


Week 4 April:   A Train Affair

I have spent hours and hours searching for information about this date night. I was so disappointed. Nothing exists like I dreamed it would. So instead of whining too much about it, let’s just make the best with what we have. The good news is there are still trains that run all over North America. The bad news is there is not anything out there that looks like the one pictured below. Only in Europe do they exist and we are talking over $1,000 per person. There was an interesting train route up in Canada, very expensive. But a train ride could be fun. Although I’m afraid I am not speaking from experience. For I have never ridden on an overnight train. I hear is is fun dining on them. So take a train to visit some old friends that you never see and have a short vacation. How have your experiences been on overnight trains? Have you found anything out there that was nice?


Week 1 May:   Tepee Hotel

Who wants to take a trip to Marfa, Texas? I have to admit that these tepees look pretty romantic. The idea is stunning. These are like mini hotel rooms. At 22 ft. in diameter they sport brick floors with a queen size bed, electrical lighting, and linens and towels for use at the nearby bath house. If you are the traveling type then start packing. If you are the carpentry type then start building. Even a little one in the backyard could lead to tons of fun. Here is a link to check it out.

It could be fun and interesting to make a new years resolution as a couple. 

We invite you to our “Date a Month Challenge”.

You might say, “That isn’t very often.” Or you might cringe, “That often?”

Wherever you are on the dating scale; a date once a month would surprise you by how often it comes around.

I consider it a “realistic” challenge. If you do too, then climb aboard.

Once a week on our FACE BOOK PAGE we are going to share a date night inspiration.  

This could be just the nudge you need to keep that spark alive. 

So have a fun time. Share and encourage. 


1. What week will you go on your date? (One month at a time.) *Remember to be flexible if it doesn’t work out for one of you. Just plan again. 

2. Take turns picking your dates. (Every other month.)

3.  Take a little time to think about what your spouse loves to do. (Hobbies, interests, obsessions…..) *Warning: It could be something that they do all the time and you are a little sick of it. This is a great time to start on your journey of learning to enjoying what they enjoy.

4. Don’t sweat the money crunch months. *There may be months that you can not afford to go on any date. That’s okay! Some of the best dates are the ones that do not cost a cent (just time).  Try not to put any value on date picking ideas. Any date is special no matter what.

5. If you miss a month, don’t beat yourself up about it. *This doesn’t mean you have failed or have a bad marriage. Just say with excitement and anticipation,  “What are we going to do next month?”




Here is a new twist on an old game. Easy to prepare and tons of fun. 

1. First fill goodie bags: each with toilet paper, ribbons, buttons, lace, sequins, tape, etc. To spark that inner designer. 


2. Next, separate your guests into two or three groups. Depending on how many guests you have. Explain that the goal is to design the best lingerie. Something that you could imagine the bride wearing on her wedding night. Have each group choose a model. 

3. Time this event and let the fun begin. Then they must strut their stuff and you judge which design is the best. 

Endless fun!! Warning: This definitely would not be G rated. 

Sleeping Beauty * Snow White * The Princess and the Pea * Cinderella * Beauty and the Beast * The Princess and the Frog

What others can you think of???


This idea works well because of the availability for decor.

We made our own tutu skirt for the table. 

Put candied peas on the cupcakes for The Princess and the Pea effect. 

I hot glued a candied pea to a little doll house table. 

Stylish heel for a glass slipper. Spray paint a pumpkin with glitter paint. 

Freeze rose buds in little paper cups. Then peel off the cups. 

Print pictures from vintage style story book. Use foam pumpkins and spell the baby’s name. 

Just cut outs from poster board. Simple is best. 

Fun food idea. Mini Chocolate chips, nuts, coconut, and different caramel dips. 

Not for eating. 🙂 Gothic style goblets give the feeling of poison. 

We could not find an ornamental prince frog. But if you could find one…cut off the stem of a pumpkin and place the little guy on top. It is really cute!

Fun, fun, fun!!!

If you need some more inspiration, here is a link to a sweet poem/song that I wrote for mothers. I love it and I hope you will too. 

Mother’s Day Song 


Okay, lets face it, having the privilege to call yourself a wife and a mom isn’t always glamorous. Especially if you are a “stay at home” mom. Especially if you are a “have a job” mom. Especially if you are a ” teach your own kids school” mom. It’s all hard, tiresome work. We moms know what it is like to be utterly and completely exhausted. We are spent. Their isn’t anything left for us to give at the end of the day.

Do you know what advise your husband probably got before he married you? “Hey, don’t get married and have kids! Do you know what that means?!!” And with raised eyebrows they say, “No more sex.” They shake their heads with horrified eyes, “Don’t do it,. I’m speaking from experience, man.”        And your fiancé triumphantly thinks, “That’s not going to happen to me. My sweetie loves me!”

Well, yes. Of course you love your husband. That hasn’t stopped just because you got married and had kids. If anything, it has intensified your love. After all, everything you do everyday comes from a loving heart. “There just isn’t enough of me to go around.”, you may say. “I just can’t do it all.”

Here is where your journey starts. You may ask, “What are you talking about? I have been on my journey the day I got married!”                                            I say, “Yes, you have been on your own journey, by yourself, working hard, all on your little lonesome. Just you and you.” How is that working out for you?

Until anyone comes to the place where they say, “I can’t do this anymore. I need help. I need advise. I’m ready to learn.” Then and only then are they truly ready to get wisdom from someone who has been in their place many times before. Someone who understand. Someone who has made it through with Help.

1. I would say first and foremost on your journey, you need to realize that we live in a fallen world. We are going to fail. Our husband is going to fail. And our children will try to embarrass and harass us at every turn. It is what it is.

2. So how do we live in this fallen world with all these failing people? First God commands us to love them. Not love them for what they do for us. Not love them when they perform the way we think they should. Not love ourselves only when we do what we think we should. Who is being the judge here? Who is deciding what is acceptable and what is not? Who is the one that needs to be satisfied in order to have peace and joy?

3. God is the judge. Not us. What is He like? Well, He loves everyone for who they are. He never forces anyone to love Him. He woos us all with His love for us. He gives all a choice to set their eyes on Him and obey Him because they want to. Sounds so peaceful, right? That is the plan for all mankind. Peace and joy in Him who loves us.

4. Rest is Jesus. He gave you the husband you have. He gave you the children you have. Your husband is a child of God. You are a child of God. Your children are God’s children. Trust your Heavenly Father. He knows what is best and loves you all more than you can imagine. “Set your affections on things above….” He tells us. Where is your focus? Where is your devotion? Where is your allegiance? Where is your sanctuary?

5. Entrust your responsibility as a wife and mother to the One who has given you the job. He is the one responsible. He is the one who will give you everything you need to do the job. It’s not about doing the job perfect. It’s about doing the job with the right focus and motive. When your focus is on yourself and how you are going to do the right thing, you will fail and beat yourself up every time. This gets depressing. This isn’t fun. This isn’t God’s plan. His plan is for you to keep your eyes on Him. What would you have me to do? What would you have me to say? What is the best way to handle this situation?

6. This is a moment by moment relationship. Start on your journey today. You will be amazed at how much control you are clutching to. You will be amazed at how much God loves you. You will be amazed at how close you can become to your Creator. It is amazing! Just start. “What would you have me to do right now, Lord?” Then simply obey. Live in the present. What is going on right now? Because God is in the “right now.” There and only there will you find Him. Take the step of faith for a life of faith. It’s worth it!


No butter needed for any pancakes when you use this syrup. With it’s rich caramel, flavor; your family will be asking for this every morning.


1/2 cup salted butter (1 stick)

1 cup heavy whipping cream (or any cream you have)

3/4 cup coconut sugar or 1 cup sucanat

1 Tbl. molasses

1/2 tsp. vanilla


1. Add all the ingredients to a heavy sauce pan.

2. Heat and stir until melted.

3. Don’t let it boil.

Try out our Soaked Kamut Pancakes. Click Picture Below to View.


 This recipe is for you home chefs out there that have invested in a grain mill. Freshly ground wheat is fluffy and warm. If you use regular flour, the consistency of this recipe will not be accurate. Also the use of soaking the flour would not be as helpful. Caution: These pancakes are very filling. In other words, “Don’t eat until you pop. You might feel sick.” Ha Ha! 🙂


I have noticed that other recipe bloggers put the ingredients at the end of the blog. I however like to check right away if I have all the ingredients or not. It’s just my quirky way. So you get to have a bite of some of that quirkiness in this blog.


2 and 2/3 cups freshly ground kamut flour (if you don’t have kamut, splet will work too. Spelt just has a stronger flavor)

* If you like your pancakes thick or thin, just add or take way some flour.

2 cups sour milk (if you don’t have sour milk then just add 3 tsp. of lemon juice to the milk. Or you can use 3 Tbl. plain yogurt, or kefer)

3 eggs

1/3 cup olive oil (if you don’t have olive oil you can use coconut oil, or butter)

1/4 cup honey (if you don’t have honey you can use maple syrup or coconut sugar)

3/4 tsp. sea salt

1/2 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp. baking powder

1 Tbl. pure vanilla extract

*If you live at sea level, you might need to add more raising power. This recipe was concocted at 8,000 ft. so…….. ya.


I am in love with my kitchen aid mixer. So don’t mind me when I constantly refer to it. I should give it a name. How about Tina?  Just do whatever it is you usually do. So lets start.

1. Add flour and sour milk to Tina’s mixing bowl. 🙂

2. Cover the bowl with saran wrap and let set overnight.



 3. The next morning, add the rest of the ingredients to Tina’s mixing bowl and turn Tina on. She’ll do the work.





4. Heat up your skillet. I like to use a cast iron, but that’s just crazy me. 

5. Just like any other pancake making, the first pancake is not the one to serve to the king.



 6. When it gets nice and bubbled, flip it over.



 Now make sure the kids and hubby get some too. Enjoy! Easily serves a family of four.

* Save any left over batter. Store in your frig. The longer this pancake batter sits, the better the pancakes get.

* I like to save my old plastic ketchup bottles, etc. and pour the batter in them. This makes for a less mess breakfast the next day.


 Try out our Heavenly Syrup. Click Image Below to View Recipe.


       So you are looking to buy some lingerie? It is an online boutique. So you can’t try anything on. You are wondering, “What would look the best on me? What would be the most comfortable? What would show off what I like about myself and cover up what I don’t like?”

       Let me tell you, this is a tall order. But hopefully you will find these basic guidelines helpful.

       The first thing to ask yourself is, “What shape is my body?” Just because your body is a particular shape doesn’t mean that one is good and the other bad. It just means that we are all different. And I know you have heard it said a thousand times, what a boring and uninteresting world it would be if everyone was exactly the same. But it’s true! So try to be thankful for who you are and focus on buying what’s right for you.



        We will start with BANANA first. This is when you refer to yourself as “straight as a stick.” You usually have awesome legs. So hey, show them off! You may not mind wearing something short. Perhaps you have been doing some hot butt exercises and you want to show off your cheeks a little. There’s nothing like a super short nighty and thong for that. You would look good in about anything, tight or flowing. Just remember that if your boobs are small, you will not want something that has an underwire. Here is a small example of what you might find looks good on you.

  Lilace Attraction







       Now we have APPLE. You might consider yourself “top heavy.” You usually have an awesome cleavage! Show that beauty off. Not every woman has that opportunity. You are special because you usually have great legs too! Now you do not want to wear anything tight fitting. Make sure your lingerie is not too tight in the bodice. Don’t be too concerned if it doesn’t cover most of your beauty boobs. Here’s a secret…’s not supposed to. Flowing skirts are great. Something with a slimming panel is even better. I have found sometimes with apple shapes that their torso is short. So opt for something that lengthens this. Like lines, a panel or a longer skirt. Here is a small example of what you might find looks good on you.








       Next up, the PEAR. Here you might refer to yourself as “thunder thighs!” It’s really not as bad as you think. Just consider yourself curvy! Usually it is not the thighs at all. It is the smaller upper body. Flat boob syndrome. This only makes the thighs appear larger than you think they should. You might not want to wear anything with an underwire if you have small breasts. It won’t fit. A thousand times, No! But you do want to dramatize that area, so it appears larger than it is. Find a piece that has a fitting bodice and a definite line between the bodice and the skirt. This will help enhance your smaller area. The thighs are easy. Wear a skirt that flares. It should not be tight fitting, but skirt like. Flowing. Also, you probably will not feel comfortable wearing anything short. Opt for something longer. Here is a small example of what you might find looks good on you.

  Vintage Velvet  






       Last of all we have the HOUR GLASS. Why isn’t this a fruit? Oh well. Tight fitting lingerie looks best on this shape. You will want to show off your small waist and thus accentuate your curviness. A tight fitting lingerie is about the only thing that will show this off to it’s best advantage. You will look good in most anything, but if you are looking to show off what is your best feature, you will need to opt for a tight fit. This can mean short too. So be brave! If you have small boobs, then refer to the pear shape because you may be more that shape than you think. Here is a small example of what you might find looks good on you.








       Everyone has certain areas of their body that they don’t necessarily want to flash all over the place. That’s okay. Choose the lingerie that fits you. Don’t try to stuff yourself into something that makes you feel uncomfortable because you won’t wear it. Ever!!!

       Choose the area of your body that you think is pretty hot. Maybe it’s your cleavage or your caboose. Feel the confident you!

       The lingerie that is on the model is not going to look like that on you. Remember this when shopping for lingerie with models in them. That picture has had painstaking hours in Paint Shop. The actual lingerie has even been altered to fit her better!  

       You pay for what you get. If you pay anything less than $30 for a negligee it will be “china cheap.” So expect that there will be threads hanging that need trimmed, wrinkles that won’t come out, or stitching coming undone. If you want something really nice, you are going to have to pay a little more for it.



       I have given this book to many blushing brides. Everyone of them have told me later on that they were so thankful for this book. Even the couple that were too busy to read the book before the wedding, found it most helpful after they had become frustrated at what they thought would just “happen”. Let me tell you, it doesn’t just happen.

      More and more I am finding that mother’s avoid telling their daughters about anything. And when I say anything, I mean anything! I’m not sure why this is. I am truly thankful for my mother. She scavenged for just the right book and found this one. My fiancé and I were able to read this, not together but at separate times, before the wedding night. I was a virgin. I was fascinated to find out things about myself that I never knew. In reading this book I was amazed yet again at God’s loving details in creating our bodies. I was able to prepare myself mentally, spiritually, and physically for this special night.

       If you are a virgin you will not be able to “just have sex”. This book describes why and how to help for your first time. If the man is not careful he can cause great discomfort that will last a good week after you have made it back from the honeymoon. You might not want this. Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun? Well this book helps it to be fun. Patience is key, after knowledge. You may ask, “Why didn’t God make it more natural and easier?” I don’t know. It is what it is and has been for thousands of years. So take a deep breath and read this book. You’ll do fine!

       First of all this book describes what God intended sex to be. Not what the world and Satan have made it to be. Next it tells how your bodies work and how sex works. It gives a lot of information for the man. He needs to know how to please you just as much as you pleasing him.  A common issue for men is getting excited too soon. This book teaches the woman how to help. The book covers all kinds of problems or issues that might come up for the couple.

       If you do not want to get pregnant on your wedding night you may want to consider talking about birth control. This book describes all the different options out there. What are the pros and cons of them. What are the side effects. If you are leaning towards a more natural approach, an excellent book is Taking Charge of Your Fertility  by Toni Weschler, MPH. This book is best purchased well in advance of your wedding so you can practice this method for several months before the wedding night in order to ensure it’s effectiveness. If this is not possible for you, then you can use some other birth control until you have a chance to read and practice the book’s information at a later date. Some birth controls out there do cause you to abort the baby (fertilized egg). This book is open and honest in letting you know which ones they are.

       Some very important things to remember if you do not want to get pregnant……..Read about what foreplay is. You can get pregnant from any kind of “fluid” that comes from the man and it doesn’t have to be put up into your vagina!!! This may seem graphic, but it is the only way to help you understand the importance of it. If you are too rough with a condom during foreplay it could tear or get a hole in it just when you need it. All it takes is a tiny, tiny hole. Also, if you “mess around” too long after the fact; the “juices” can come out around the seam of the condom and this is enough!!!

        It is good to take this book with you on your honeymoon. You will want to refer back to it after you have had some hands on experience.

       Last but not least; keep in mind that it is not at all unusual for a virgin couple to not have sex on their wedding night. Do not feel like you are a looser because you don’t get it done that night. You are virgins!!! This is a great honor; not shameful, wimpy, or disgraceful!

        Guys, put away pride forever!!! It is not becoming. And if you haven’t kissed before the wedding; you will need to take it easy or else the wife will have swollen, red, and hurt lips. This is not fun. Your lips aren’t toughened up to the whiskers. It doesn’t matter if he has just shaved or not. They are tender. Crazy, but true!                                   God bless!!!  



       So, you are going to be a bride. The past three or more months have been full of decisions. What colors, what kind of cake, what songs? And the list never ends. Your heart is full of love and anticipation. The big day is about to come. The day you have waited and dreamed of since you were a little girl. After all the work is done you can finally say to yourself, “I got this. Almost done planning my big day.” You smile and take a deep sigh of rest. But suddenly your mind is jolted to attention. “What am I going to wear……you know, when the dress has to come off!” Yes, my dear, the dress must come off. So starts the search in the jungle of lingerie.


       “I’m looking for something white and romantic.” , you tell the store clerk. She gives you a blank stare. Maybe you are new to lingerie, like I was. I had no clue what was out there. I was horrified. I was defeated. I couldn’t even come close to finding what I had in mind. It just wasn’t out there. No taste. No elegance. Nothing pure and sweet. I wasn’t going to be the lady in red! I was going to be the bride in white!! I didn’t want some short, see-through, crotchless, stringy thing. I wanted something that would reflect my wedding dress. Well, I’m sorry to tell you, girls; I didn’t find it.

       The question is often asked, “Will I even need a negilgee on my wedding night?” Everyone is different. I ended up wearing a white corset, panties, girdle belt, and silk stockings. Yes, that was under my dress. But what I did use was my robe. And keep in mind that though you are on your honeymoon, you are still first and foremost a bride. Just because the first night is over, that doesn’t mean you might not desire to wear some beautiful,  luxurious lingerie the next night and the next and the next. Having a white, lacy, matching set (robe and negligee), gives you that feeling of royalty. Anything with bright colors makes you feel spicy. So keep this all in mind while shopping for that special piece. Ooh la la let the fun begin!

When I don’t have any idea what to make for a quick lunch for my kids; I find myself often making these.

They are really “quick and easy.” My kids love them and so do I. Husbands are sometimes a little hard to convince on such dainty, delicate foods as these.

The recipe is simple………

1 (6 oz.) can salmon -drain juice out

1 eggs

1/2 tsp. salt

1  1/2   tsp. lemon pepper

butter for frying

 * This recipe only makes 7 patties. So you may need to double or triple this recipe.



Put all the ingredients into a small bowl.

Melt some butter in a skillet.



Using a fork, mix well together. Form into patties and place in skillet to fry.

Be sure that the first side of the patty is cooked enough or else the patty will fall apart when you try to turn it over.


America is about the only country that treats a natural birth as an emergency. It is often helpful to remember that women have been doing this for thousands of years. So far, they have repopulated the earth just fine.


I have experienced both a hospital birth and a home birth. The hospital birth was a nightmare. I obtained issues that could have been avoided, but now must be dealt with for the rest of my life. If only I had known these twelve simple truths. I am not against doctors. If it weren’t for doctors I wouldn’t be here today, several times over. But as I said before, “Having a natural birth is not an emergency.” I understand that sometimes, things just don’t work out to have a home birth. Hopefully you will find this useful. Keep in mind that these twelve “things to know” are written for a normal, non emergency birth. 


1. Ask your doctor about your test results at your regular checkups. When you have a blood test; ask what your iron level is. It should be a 12. When you have a urine test; ask how your hydration is. Do you need to be drinking more water? 

2. Some birthing centers will have a jetted bathtub. Take advantage of this until you are ready to push.

3. You don’t have to deliver on your back. It is more natural to stand up or squat. Even being on your hands and knees is easier. Let gravity help. 

4. Only push when you feel the need. Let your body do the work when it wants to.

*Occasionally a doctor will not let you push until you are dilated to at least a 9. When your body is ready to push, they will tell you not to push.         They will suggest that if you push, you will have to have a Cesarean. Try not to be bullied into doing something that is not natural or can even be       impossible for you to do. If your body is pushing; you are ready. 

* There can be an opposite effect too; where the doctor and nurses walk into your room and tell you to start pushing when you obviously don’t       have the urge to. Listen to your body. No worries. When it is time to push, you will know and your body will do it for you on it’s own. 

5. There is no need for the doctor to break your water or give you drugs to speed up the birthing process. It is perfectly normal for a first birth to take as long as 36 hours.  Another technique that is used is called “sweeping membranes.” This is done by your doctor separating your water bag (amniotic membrane) from the lower part of your uterus (cervix). This releases hormones into your body that cause labor. There are side effects to this in the healing of your vagina after birth. It rips much needed muscles. 

6. If your doctor cuts your vagina, even a little, it will tear. (Not just a little, but all of the way.) Your doctor will then have to sew you up; stitches inside of stitches. You will then tear again during any future births, even if you are not cut. Women were made to stretch. You will need to inform your doctor if you wish to not be cut. 

7. You need food and drink during labor. You are working very hard. For an added boost of energy; take a spoonful or stick of honey just before you feel the urge to push the first time. Then drink Recharge and/or coconut water in between pushes. 

8. It is very beneficial (for your baby) to allow the umbilical cord to stay connected for a little while after birth. If this is your wish, you will have to notify your doctor. Also, if there is no emergency, then there is no need for the nurses to whisk your baby away. You can ask them to give you your baby right after it is born and let it start sucking when those important instincts are active (right after birth). Otherwise those special sucking instincts will not return until hours later.

9. You don’t have to let the hospital give your baby any shots or drops in it’s eyes. You will have to sign a document stating that you decline this. They will not be happy. Be firm if this is what you and your spouse have decided. 

* They will give your baby a hearing test and a Pediatrician will look your baby over.

10. Do not let your doctor pull out your placenta. You should push it out on your own. If some considerable time has gone by; they will give you a shot to release the placenta. Try sitting on the toilet for a while first. Pulling out your placenta causes scar tissue to form on the inside of your uterus. This creates problems with future periods and can cause fibroid tumors later in life. It also causes you to receive your babies blood into your blood. This could result in antibodies (although this is rare)  Apparently not rare enough; it happened to me. 

11. Eat some nourishing food soon after birth.

12. Have someone help you to the toilet for your first time. You could pass out from loss of blood. 

In all this, remember that you can always hire a Doula. She is a person that is qualified to be an ambassador for you during birth. The mother giving birth (you) are not always listened to as you should be. Thus a Doula is helpful in making sure that all your wishes are met. She can communicate with your doctor, nurses and hospital staff. 


          I just love to teach my girls lessons using something or someone that they are excited about or interested in. Frozen is all the rage at our house and has been for quite some time. I hear them sing “Let It Go” for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; as well as any snacks in between. They have the hair, they have the cape, they have the voice…..well sort of. So I decided to take this opportunity, while it lasted, and teach something….anything! Right? So I chose to expound on Elsa’s powers. Just remember that I was speaking to little girls when I made this up.

          Like Elsa, we (my girls) have powers. And Like Elsa, we have to understand our powers in order not to be afraid of them or to make the wrong choices with our powers. God gave us power. And our power is to choose. We get to decide things. We get to choose paths. We get to choose the path of Love or Hate. Hate freezes everything. Its cold and its sad. It hurts and it kills. Its not very fun is it? When Elsa had the frozen world she was sad; she was afraid she did not understand that she was on that frozen path. When we take the path of hate it is the same way. People get hurt. We are sad. It doesn’t feel good when we are hateful. It spreads like nasty poison, just like the ice in Frozen. It gets worse and worse. Eventually the ice would have killed everyone in Arendale, even Elsa. When she learned about the path of love she took that path right away. She said, “Love will thaw.” Love chases away hate and fear. Love chases away selfishness. Love chases away sorrow and sadness. Because Love is the path that is good. Love is the path that is God.

          So what path are you going to take? Elsa’s powers were not bad. She just needed to learn how to use them for good. Elsa was looking like a monster when she was pushing the man out of the ice castle. We all have a monster in us too. We can either choose to tame that monster (the lion that is inside us) and give it a fast crack with the whip saying, “down boy!!”; or we can allow it to raise it’s ugly head to growl and roar and do crazy, terrible things. The end results of hate are death and destruction. The end results of Love are life and grace.

           If this is helpful to just “one” person; it will have been worth my writing it. Choose Love!!    



This salad is a tradition in my husband’s family. When I first heard about it I was not to sure!! I mean, who puts together saltine crackers with whipped cream and cranberries?? Once I tasted it though, I was hooked!! Not only does it taste amazing; it also looks stunning on your holiday table!! When you make it, the smell of fresh cranberries cooking adds to the holiday feel as well as turning your stove red speckled!! So turn on the Christmas music and lets make some yummy salad!!

Holiday Cranberry Salad

2 pounds fresh or frozen cranberries

Cook in small amount of water on low till berries are cooked through

 Put through food mill.  If you do not have one of these you can mash through a sieve.

You will now have cranberry sauce add 3/4 cup of sucanot or coconut sugar

Let cool

Crush in blender, 1 box organic saltine crackers (I use 1 box Late July)

Whip 1   1/2 pints whipping cream till stiff and add vanilla and honey to taste

Layer in pretty glass bowl starting with cranberry sauce, whipped cream, cracker crumbs repeating with whipped cream!!

This can be made the day before and stored in fridge!!



What a fun day doing all the winter activities we love; inside and out! Our children are so blessed to have cousins living nearby. In all, there are eight cousins from the ages of eight and “on the way”. We have a tradition of getting together to bake Christmas cookies. Everyone brings ingredients for what they want to make. At the end of the day, we divide all the cookies. That way we can all have a variety of cookies; rather than just a lot of one kind of cookie.

This year we had our baking day at Dusty’s new house. It worked out great. 

  We had already made lots of gingerbread dough, so the kids could start cutting out right away.

Then they were off to sled. Matt (Dusty’s husband) was such a blessing. He took care of them so we could work on other cookies.

It is a tradition in our family to make Italian cookies for Christmas. “Grandma” has an old pizzelle iron. These are a medium, sweet treat; like a thin, crispy waffle. We expect her to make them every year. (note the pizzelle iron)


Lady Fingers are also on the wanted list. These are “finger” shaped cakes that get frosted with a lemon glaze. 

Just in time for lunch, in come all the children. They are rosy cheeked and excited about their sledding hill. We filled up their round tummies with hot “Cheeseburger Soup, Sourdough Biscuits, and Caesar Salad”.

Now it was time to decorate the Christmas Cookies.  I tried very hard to make them without food coloring.

White was easy.

Green was made out of liquid chlorophyll.

Pink/Red was made out of beet juice.

Yellow was made out of liquid vitamin B-complex.

I bought some squeezable bottles in the cooking area at Target and filled them with the different colored icings. 

This worked so well. No mess, and the kids could decorate easier with the fine tips.

They had a blast and that is the most important thing. 

After decorating all of their cookies, the kids headed outside to sled again.

All of us mothers were busy mixing and rolling with the warm aromas swirling around and Celtic Christmas music filling our ears; when suddenly Matt bursts in the door carrying one of our children. She was soaking wet. It took us a few minutes to realize what was going on. Then we immediately took action, stripping off her clothes and putting her in the bathtub. She didn’t start crying until we told her she was done sledding for the day. 

The story was, she was sledding down the hill so fast that she sledded right into the creek. Thankfully she was the only victim of the day.

We had a holly, jolly time! 


I love everything about pumpkin pie the smell when it is cooking and then getting to eat it with a massive dollop of whip cream that is what makes Thanksgiving complete!! This is my favorite recipe for pumpkin pie as it is only sweetened with honey and has no canned milk in it just lots of yummy cream!! And I know these pies are going to be extra yummy as I used an heirloom pumpkin and made fresh puree.

This recipe makes two 9 inch pies.



 Honey Pumpkin Pie

Preheat oven too 475

2 cups pumpkin

4 eggs

2 cups cream

1 cup honey

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp ginger

1 tsp allspice

1/4 tsp cloves

1/4 tsp nutmeg (optional)

11/2 tsp salt

Whisk together well and pour into to unbaked pie crusts bake at  475 for 10 minuets and turn oven down to 375 and bake for 40 min. Hint: I cover my crust with tin foil as it can get to brown. Enjoy!! Make sure and refrigerate!!


 Homemade whipping cream! Find it by clicking this link. It is at the bottom of the post.        Whipping Cream


Counting your blessings is definitely something we should do every day; but around Thanksgiving it seems more meaningful. To inspire my children on this holiday, we make a Thanksgiving Tree. Their minds go wild trying to think of aaaallllll the things they can. I also draw swinging monkeys and let the kids color and cut them out. They love hanging them from the tree branches.



green and orange or brown construction paper

double sided sticky tape

clear packaging tape


black Sharpie

First, affix the cardboard to a wall or mirror using packaging tape. Cut it to look like a tree trunk. Cut strips and tape branches. Draw lines in the cardboard to look like a tree trunk. 

Next, cut out leaves and leaves and leaves. I cut the construction paper into strips first. This helped me be more thrifty with the paper. 

 While you cut out the leaves; have your children color and cut out their monkeys.


If your children are old enough, they can write their own blessings. Be sure that you write some too. Parent participation is important.


Tape the leaves to the tree. Enjoy! Add more as you think of them.


By Kasey

We are so blessed to have all our parents and brothers and sisters live within an easy driving distance. Most of our siblings are married and most have children. This makes for lots of fun with the cousins whenever we get together. We aren’t all that thrilled about Halloween, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a party. Lots of people don’t celebrate Jesus at Christmas, instead they celebrate Santa Clause. The same goes for us. We just celebrate Pumpkins. Thus we’ve come to calling this day Pumpkin Day!

The kids dress up in homemade costumes. This year we had a fairy, a cowboy, a cowgirl, a pirate, a princess and a mummy (who later turned into a cowboy).  


Everybody brings something to add to supper. We had chili, cornbread, salad, with hot apple cider and homemade doughnuts. The doughnuts are a tradition that everyone looks forward to each year. I did a blog on how I make them. Click the picture to get the recipe.

 All the families bring their pumpkins to carve. We had about 10 pumpkins to carve this year. It is a real fun time. 


It takes a while to get all of the pumpkins cleaned out. What a mess!


We had some pretty cool designs this year: a horse, a cowboy, a kitty, a honey bee, and some unique inventions. It is much more fun when the grandparents get involved and have fun too.  


Then we line up all the carved pumpkins and light them up. What an ambiance!


I like to share this book with my children every Pumpkin Day. Taking every opportunity possible to make a holiday as meaningful as I can is important to me. This board book is written in a poem by Crystal Bowman. She tells the story of a pumpkin (from seed to harvest). Then she uses the carving of the pumpkin to explain how God scoops out our sin and makes us like new. His light shines in us through our love to others. 


By Kasey

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