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Romance is a word dreamed about by most wives. We love the look and feel of it. On the flip side, men like the words sassy, sexy, and hot. So I am combining all these aspects to come up with some ideas for us wives. After all, we are the decorators. I love love love to decorate. Yeah, it’s a little bit over the top. So I am going to share ideas on how to achieve a bedroom that will put you in the mood.   1. Get rid of clutter I know this is not what you wanted to hear. But it is a must if you are going to feel relaxed. Your bedroom should not be your office. It shouldn’t be a storage room. Definitely not the nursery or toy room. So get rid of all the stuff that does not relate to “bedroom.”   2. Pick a theme Whatever you like. Vintage, french country, the color coral, peonies……it is endless. Just pick something that you like. This will help you to find decorations, pictures, or pillows that will match your theme. It narrows down your search. If you are the kind of person that has a hard time deciding what you like or you can’t seem to envision anything; then I would suggest looking on Pinterest or something similar. Find a picture that has you saying….”I love this!” Then start copying it.   3. Think about paint It might not be a bad idea to give your room a fresh coat of paint. I suggest picking a neutral color, because you may want to change your theme in the near future.   4. Lighting I wrote a post on our date night inspirations a while back. It was called the Dimmer Switch Date. A dimmer switch, lamps, chandelier, candles, white lights, mirrors all add that special something called ambiance.   5. Fragrance Lavender, Rose, Cinnamon, these are just a few essential oils you could pick. The main thing is to pick one that you love and stick with it. Coming into the bedroom and having the same smell will help to bring feelings and memories to mind that are helpful for “the mood.” Diffusers are becoming quite popular. You sprinkle some essential oils into the water and it diffuses the fragrance into the room. An alternative to this is a little clay pot that diffuses the fragrance without any electricity. I can not figure out what these are called. They are also hard to find. Here is a picture of one. Where to purchase. You can also use a reed diffuser. 6. Sound Design your room to have easy access to music. Stationary water features give a beautiful sound. My favorite is a crackling fire. That might be because I live in the cold Rocky Mountains though. 7. Warmth This may seem like a strange idea. But let’s picture you racing to strip off your clothes and putting on the warmest pjs you can find with wool socks and diving under a huge pile of cover. Not so sexy. A warm room is essential for anything that requires a back message, strip tease, or anything without clothes. Even if you need to add a little space heater, it will be worth it.   The rest of this post is just going to be pictures. I will add pictures and ideas for a while until I think I have found enough for you.     Western style.   These lamps.   I love texture.   Nature drama.   Light under the bed.   A couch is a great alternative to a foot board. It also makes a room “oh so cozy” feeling.   Contrasts. Chic meets homestead.   Just because it’s frilly doesn’t mean it can’t be western.   Who said quilts aren’t “in”?

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