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This salad is a tradition in my husband’s family. When I first heard about it I was not to sure!! I mean, who puts together saltine crackers with whipped cream and cranberries?? Once I tasted it though, I was hooked!! Not only does it taste amazing; it also looks stunning on your holiday table!! When you make it, the smell of fresh cranberries cooking adds to the holiday feel as well as turning your stove red speckled!! So turn on the Christmas music and lets make some yummy salad!!

Holiday Cranberry Salad

2 pounds fresh or frozen cranberries

Cook in small amount of water on low till berries are cooked through

 Put through food mill.  If you do not have one of these you can mash through a sieve.

You will now have cranberry sauce add 3/4 cup of sucanot or coconut sugar

Let cool

Crush in blender, 1 box organic saltine crackers (I use 1 box Late July)

Whip 1   1/2 pints whipping cream till stiff and add vanilla and honey to taste

Layer in pretty glass bowl starting with cranberry sauce, whipped cream, cracker crumbs repeating with whipped cream!!

This can be made the day before and stored in fridge!!



What a fun day doing all the winter activities we love; inside and out! Our children are so blessed to have cousins living nearby. In all, there are eight cousins from the ages of eight and “on the way”. We have a tradition of getting together to bake Christmas cookies. Everyone brings ingredients for what they want to make. At the end of the day, we divide all the cookies. That way we can all have a variety of cookies; rather than just a lot of one kind of cookie.

This year we had our baking day at Dusty’s new house. It worked out great. 

  We had already made lots of gingerbread dough, so the kids could start cutting out right away.

Then they were off to sled. Matt (Dusty’s husband) was such a blessing. He took care of them so we could work on other cookies.

It is a tradition in our family to make Italian cookies for Christmas. “Grandma” has an old pizzelle iron. These are a medium, sweet treat; like a thin, crispy waffle. We expect her to make them every year. (note the pizzelle iron)


Lady Fingers are also on the wanted list. These are “finger” shaped cakes that get frosted with a lemon glaze. 

Just in time for lunch, in come all the children. They are rosy cheeked and excited about their sledding hill. We filled up their round tummies with hot “Cheeseburger Soup, Sourdough Biscuits, and Caesar Salad”.

Now it was time to decorate the Christmas Cookies.  I tried very hard to make them without food coloring.

White was easy.

Green was made out of liquid chlorophyll.

Pink/Red was made out of beet juice.

Yellow was made out of liquid vitamin B-complex.

I bought some squeezable bottles in the cooking area at Target and filled them with the different colored icings. 

This worked so well. No mess, and the kids could decorate easier with the fine tips.

They had a blast and that is the most important thing. 

After decorating all of their cookies, the kids headed outside to sled again.

All of us mothers were busy mixing and rolling with the warm aromas swirling around and Celtic Christmas music filling our ears; when suddenly Matt bursts in the door carrying one of our children. She was soaking wet. It took us a few minutes to realize what was going on. Then we immediately took action, stripping off her clothes and putting her in the bathtub. She didn’t start crying until we told her she was done sledding for the day. 

The story was, she was sledding down the hill so fast that she sledded right into the creek. Thankfully she was the only victim of the day.

We had a holly, jolly time! 


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